Nightshade Waltz Drinks Menu


Dragon pepper tequila - simply tequila which has steeped a dragon pepper for days. Best on the rocks, and taken with great trepidation.

Pepper honey lemon - spiced honey with vodka. Optionally made with white rum. Sweet and fiery.

Dragon's breath - brandy, mint schnapps and heat. Keep a cooling ale handy.

Ginger martini - spicy ginger liqueur with vodka and lime juice. Surprisingly spicy and pleasantly tart.

Whiskey ember - bourbon, dragon pepper syrup and cherry bitters. Looks warm, is warmer.


Frozen margarita - work your bartender hard as they crank up the frozen drink blender. Tequila, lime and citrus in a salted glass.

Peach champagne - frozen peach, peach brandy, champagne, sugar, snurbleberry juice. Another frozen drink, but your bartender needs the exercise.

Starlight Shooter - red snurbleberry syrup, green mint liqueur, white peppermint schnapps in layers. Treat yourself to a taste of Starlight at any time of the year. Robe optional.

Frozen rolanberry qiri- frozen berries, lemon juice, lime juice, sparkling limeade, sugar, rum. Your bartender loves making frozen drinks. Don't let them tell you otherwise.

Mohito - fresh galago mint, white rum, sugar, ice and sparkling limeade. Wonderfully tart and refreshing.


Rose petal fizz - gin, egg white, rose petal syrup, sparkling lemonade. Like a day in the rose garden. With alcohol.

Vanilla bourbon - Ishgardian bourbon flavored by steeping hand selected Coerthas vanilla beans in the bottle for several weeks. This is always in limited supply. Check with your server for availability.

King wespe - gin, basil brandy and honey on the rocks. Smooth, sweet and rich, with no final sting.

Lakshmi flower - rolanberry and herbs with bourbon and anise in a tall, sparkling drink. Sweet, earthy and refreshing.

Tequila cure-all - tequila, sage, honey and lemon over ice. The remedy for what ails you - or perhaps the cause.


Champagne Fizz - gin, lemon and of course champagne.

Pixie Plum Sparkle - crushed plums, lemon juice and sparkling white. Pale purple hue, pleasantly tart and airy.

Champagne cocktail - a snurbleberry makes the champagne rich, while a dash of bitter almond keeps it afloat.

Wood Wailer - tequila and lemon for your bow arm, and sparkling rosé to aim high.

Rose Petal Champagne - rose water, petals and champagne. Warning. Rose petals are rumored to have aphrodisiac properties.

Water (our non-alcoholic drinks)

Pixie Plum Mohito Mocktail - pixie plums, mint, lime and sparkling lemonade. The rich flavor of the plums compensates for the lack of rum. Tell yourself that.

Apple, Lemon and Ginger Juice - just what it says. Ginger turns a refreshing drink into a refreshing drink. Ask your server for extra ginger if you really need a kick in the tail.

All Fruit Smoothie - your choice of frozen berry with banana, hand-blended by our bartender.

Rolanberry Cocktail - crushed rolanberries, orange juice and sparkling lemonade.

Citrus Cooler - orange and sparkling lemon over a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Electric Apple Lemonade - sour apple and blue citrus in brilliant layers. Cold colors in the glass, much warmer inside.

Electric Tea - blue iced tall drink that looks and tastes nothing like tea. Rum, vodka, gin and citrus.

Passionate Blush - fruit schnapps and tequila, deep pink with blood currant, sparkling.

Lightning Bolt - Gyr Abanian Comfort liqueur, with amaretto, sour and sparkling.

Dark and Stormy - rum and ginger beer. Ask for a splash of lime.


Menphina's Rose - vodka and lime, blushing with snurbleberry juice and blood currant. Ask your server for the "special" version.

Oschon's Torch - a layered shot of klo'ha, holy cream and amber citrus liqueur. Alight, if you dare.

Fury's Gaze - white rum and peppermint schnapps. Clear and icy.

Thal's Balls - a shot of fire, literally. Vodka, double-distilled vodka and citrus, lighted at your table. You'll call its name when you've downed the shot.

Nymeia Lily - clear and cold with white rum, gin, citrus and a touch of absinthe.


Deep Purple Haze - grape schnapps with blood currant and vodka. Dark and tart.

Deepcroft Mist - dark tequila with sweet and bitter flavors and a touch of absinthe in a smoky setting.

Magitek Fuel: klo'ha, bourbon, peppermint schnapps and vodka in a mint-coffee shock that will power you up.

Black Magic - vodka, klo'ha and lemon. Refresh your ley lines.

Death in the Afternoon - absinthe and champagne in a pearlescent blend. An elegant way to pass.

Beer, Wine and Spirits


Lohmani Vineyards Red. It isn't Bacchus Wine, but vintner Lohmani's best is the closest vintage post-Calamity.

House Red - Wolves' Den Bold. Prefered by nine out ten pirates when rum is in short supply.

Gridanian Cellars White. Grown, pressed, fermented and bottled under the elementals' watchful eyes. If they have eyes.

House White - Rhalgr's Dry. Don't think of it as a young wine, think of it as funding reconstruction.



Black Sheep Dark Ale
Admiral's Chest (Limsan Pale Ale)
Aftcastle Lager (Amber)
Lusty Wench (Bock)
Moraby Dry (Doman-style light lager)
Hoppy Dragoon (Limsan Pale Ale)
Searing Scaleripper (LPA brewed with dragon pepper)


Monetarist Malt (low-alcohol, sweet beer)
Immortal Flame (Dunkel)
Wanton Elezen (Pale Lager)
Ornery Ochu (Leaf-infused Gridanian Porter)*
Imperial Stout
Doman Exile (Happōshu)
Yanxian Autumn (Strong dark malt)

* May have minor euphoric side-effects.


Cirina's Selection - sweet or savory, dry or tart, flavored or plain


Ishgardian coffee - Hot sweetened coffee and Ishgardian temple whisky, topped with cream. Perfect for a cool evening.

Holy coffee - Hot sweetened coffee and holy cream whisky with a thin layer of rich cream.

Hot Toddy - hot spiced lemon whiskey. Specify bourbon or temple whisky. Equally refreshing if there's snow on the ground or after a workout at the Grindstone.


Our head chef, Unsavory Octopus, will be only too happy to favor you with any coffee creation you name.