Elawyn Winddancer

Elawyn was born near Bentbranch Meadows and raised as a simple country girl by her Weaver Mother and Leatherworker Father. Kidnapped by bandits as a young almost-teenager, she was sold to a brothel-keeper in Ul’Dah. Whipped, starved and beaten into compliance, she didn’t learn for several years that the threat the kidnappers made to kill her parents and younger sibling unless she complied was false. Her family had been killed the same day she was taken. Swearing vengeance on all bandits and slavers she took to her profession with a passion that quickly raised her in the brothels’ ranks.

Learning a variety of talents and skills she became an accomplished courtesan before she turned twenty. On her twentieth name day (or at least as close to it as she could remember) she killed the brothel-keeper using only her teeth and escaped into the underground. Spending the daytime hiding in the sewers beneath the city and the night-time seeking out those that had harmed her, charming her way into their bed only to slay them when they were most vulnerable. Soon she realized that she needed to learn more, much more, if she was to survive long enough to find the bandits that had slain her parents. She traveled from town to town and city to city, studying the various arts of crafting and gathering and using her body and skills to pay for the tutelage.

Elawyn acts as Floor Manager in the nightclub and Head Courtesan. She is most often found behind the bar.